Responsible Travel Europe

Responsible Travel

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to share with you our commitment to Responsible Travel.

It is the responsibility of everyone to be conscientious about where they go and what impact it can have on the world around them. Our ethics ensure that fulfilling travel dreams cannot be done in any way at the expense of the destinations’ diversity, its people, and their cultural heritage.

Our strong emphasis is placed on responsible tourism. The idea of Responsible Travel is to minimize negative impacts and increase the positive ones. We are aware of the fact that our activities can affect the places we are visiting.

As a destination management company we want to meet the needs of travelers and tourism businesses. We are able to influence the choice of consumers, cooperation with suppliers and the development of destinations.

Our policy lets us contribute to sustainable development and the protection all of our destinations.

We bear in mind that our responsible approach is constantly in process and it requires constant commitment from our company as well as of our business partners. We would like to encourage you to help us achieve all our targets, give us suggestions on the improvements we could make.

Yours faithfully,
Agnieszka Anna Puszczewicz

Responsible Travel Europe

ILIJADA – statement

Our target is to help co-create environmentally friendly society and tourism. By adjusting our business policy we are able to reduce the negative impact on environment as well as socio-cultural and economic standards. Efforts and actions have been ethically and socially beneficial for all the local populations. We encourage our suppliers and clients to raise awareness in the field of doing environmentally friendly tourism. We would like to motivate them to change the way of thinking on environmentally friendly tourism development.

ILIJADA – Responsible Travel Policy

    Sustainable management and legal compliance:
    1. All the company staff is fully engaged in the sustainability management.
    2. Our statement is communicated in public.
    3. Our attention to ethical business responsibility includes working within the law and the best practice.
    4. We respect Human Rights.
    5. We would like to fight against corruption in all its forms.

    Internal management:
    1. ILIJADA commits toward its employees as follows:
    1.1. Implement a social policy and ensure human rights for all workers;
    1.2. Develop and expand training and educational materials.
    2. We care about the environment:
    2.1. Responsible practice is carried out in our office with various measures in order to reduce, re-use and recycle resources where possible.
    2.2. We minimise our electricity consumption by switching off lights, computers, etc. in rooms that are not in use. We also monitor thermostats and keep doors and windows closed when heating is on.
    2.3. We recycle all office paper, encourage double-side photocopying and, wherever appropriate, circulate documents by email.
    2.4. Whenever possible we use recycled products in our office and apply waste separation.
    2.5. We encourage car sharing amongst employees as well as using public transportation system.

    Product development:
    1. Our business faces many challenges and opportunities which directly impact on us and our Client/Partners: financial solvency, accessibility, climate change, water conservation, health and safety.

    Supply chain management:
    1. Whenever possible we use local hotels, agents, guides and drivers – generally locally produced services and goods.
    2. Assess and evaluate the level of sustainability of all our key suppliers (accommodations, trips, tour leaders, local representatives and guides) to highlight the responsible ones to our clients.
    3. Refuse to work with suppliers who are not complying with our fundamental responsible requirements.
    4. Communicate our sustainable process to our suppliers and encourage them to do the same.
    5. Discourage our suppliers to promote souvenirs which contain threatened flora and fauna species as well as historic and archaeological artefacts.

    Cooperation with destination:
    1. We support community involvement and development.
    2. If possible not only we support charities that work within the destinations but also the ones which operate on the World (Urban Adventures Acion Aid).

    Customer relations:
    1. Our responsible practice is communicated via website, emails and social networks.
    2. We care about our customers:
    2.1. Provide safety, availability and quality of our services including most accurate travel information;
    2.2. Ensure travellers’ privacy, health and safety and insurance according to our overseas customers requirements;
    2.3. Raise awareness about responsible tourism principles.